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773 W. Main St.
Sylva, NC 28779

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A Taste of Jackson County
Restaurants embrace new trends while
preserving time-honored traditions

Lulu's on Main
Lulu's Café on Main Street in Sylva is known for its eclectic, ethnic food and a consistently warm atmosphere that brings back tourists and locals alike year after year.
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Speedy’s Pizza
A slanted yellow arrow points to Speedy’s Pizza, a landmark in Sylva on West Main Street with ample space for groups, outdoor dining, and parking.
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Dillsboro Smokehouse
A visit to CB and Janet Hart’s Dillsboro Smokehouse is not complete without perusing the memories on the Smokehouse’s walls, which are a collection of mailed-in school pennants, thank you notes, license plates, and autographs.
Mill & Main Restaurant & Pizzeria
Walk past the corner of Mill and Main Streets in Sylva on a summer afternoon, and you will likely see a crowd of locals on the patio enjoying pizza, a glass of wine, and time with their dogs.
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The Coffee Shop
The Coffee Shop on West Main Street is known as Sylva’s oldest restaurant, a nostalgia-filled diner where the locals come to trade news all day over breakfast, lunch, or dinner.